Skin Conditions

Our skin is a remarkable and crucial organ and is the largest single organ of our bodies.

Its important roles include temperature control, protecting us from infection and providing sensation feedback for temperature, touch, and pain, which is especially important for the skin on your feet.

Unfortunately, the skin on your feet can be affected negatively by a number of things such as age, infection, deterioration in blood flow, diabetes, and a range of other conditions.

As the skin on the feet is about as far away from the heart as it gets on the body, this means the quality and integrity of this skin can be affected more than most other regions of the body.

At Hurst Podiatry, we’re here to make sure the skin on your feet is looked after and taken care of properly with our expert skin podiatry services in Melbourne’s East.

Causes of skin conditions on your feet

The skin on our feet has to deal with a lot. As we mentioned above, it can be affected by age, infection, the strength and efficiency of our blood flow, and diabetes.

Not only do we have the above causes to contend with, but the skin on our feet also spends a lot of time tucked away in shoes. This creates a dark humid environment that can be the cause of many problems, many of which the rest of our skin doesn’t have to deal with.

On top of all of this, we also spend a lot of our day walking around on this skin exposing it to potential extra pressure that can create corns and callouses, trauma, bacterial and fungal infection, or viruses like warts.

For all of these reasons the skin on our feet often suffers from a number of problems that we don’t see on other areas of the body.

Fortunately, our team at Hurst Podiatry have got you covered for all things red and itchy and can help offer a solution.

Common Skin Conditions That Can Affect Your Feet

Some of the common skin conditions we treat are:

  • Warts
  • Foreign bodies
  • Cracked heels
  • Chilblains
  • Tinea (athletes’ foot)
  • Skin cancers
  • Pitted keratolysis
  • Raynauds
  • Hyperhidrosis/bromhidrosis
  • Chronic wounds
  • Lymphoedema
  • Blisters
  • General foot care
  • Corns and callus

These are just some of the conditions that can affect your skin.

How We Can Help You at Hurst Podiatry

Here at Hurst Podiatry, we’re experienced in the assessment, diagnosing and treatment of many conditions that can affect the feet and lower legs, including those that affect the skin of your feet and lower legs.

When we treat your foot skin conditions our aim is to find the root cause of the problem because everyone’s feet are unique and deserve a unique solution.

We uncover what is hurting you then apply our years of experience to identify your why and apply a unique solution that suits you.

If you are experiencing pain, cuts, sores, or discomfort on the skin of your feet in Melbourne’s East, book in to see us here at Hurst Podiatry. Call 03 5901 2216 or book online here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skin Conditions and Your Feet

  • What can I do about cracked heels?

    The best way to try and improve cracked heels is a three-part approach firstly make sure you have the right types of footwear, regular application of a good moisturising cream and careful removal of the thickened skin. These are all things our staff can help with if you’re putting up with cracked heels.

  • I think I have a chilblain what can I do?

    Chilblains are a common concern in colder climates like we have during a Melbourne winter. They are best prevented by trying to ensure that your feet and toes are kept consistently warm and dry. Rapid changes in temperature are one of the main causes of chilblains. Good socks and warm waterproof shoes go a long way towards preventing this condition. Should you be experiencing chilblains our K Laser provides a fantastic treatment option to them. The K laser can be used to stimulate blood flow to the individual chilblains which rapidly accelerates healing of the chilblain.

  • Do I need a referral to come to Hurst Podiatry?

    No, a referral is not required to book in to see us here at Hurst Podiatry.

    We’re available to patients of all ages, whether you’ve experienced an injury, you need help taking care of your feet, or you’re experiencing discomfort in your lower limbs, because everyone is welcome here at Hurst Podiatry.

    We have 5 clinic locations in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including in Healesville, Croydon, Kilsyth, and Mooroolbark.

    Book today by calling us on (03) 5901 2216 or booking online here.