Custom Rehabilitation Programs

At Hurst Podiatry, we create custom rehabilitation programs to ensure you’re receiving the best and most accurate treatment to suit your condition. We provide custom rehab programs for our patients at all of our clinic locations – Healesville, Croydon, Kilsyth and Mooroolbark.

If you’ve experienced an injury to your foot, ankle, heel, or lower limb region in Melbourne, book an appointment to see us now so we can create a custom treatment plan for you.

What is a custom rehabilitation program?

Custom rehab programs are strengthening and conditioning programs made up of stretches, exercises and other activities tailored to suit your exact injury, age and level of fitness.

We choose specific activities, exercises and stretches to help you recover from a particular injury with the aim of making the injured region stronger, more flexible and more durable.

Our custom programs focus on a long term approach to make sure you not just recover from your current injury but minimise the risk of any recurrence of the injury or ongoing issues.

When do I need a custom rehab program?

A custom rehabilitation program is most often required when you’ve experienced an injury to your feet and/or lower limb region.

Most of the time these injuries will be chronic or sports related, and the recovery process may take some time.

Custom rehab programs may be created to help correct existing behaviours or movements that may be causing you problems or are likely to cause you problems in the future.

What injuries can customised rehab programs help with?

All sorts of injuries maybe treated using a rehabilitation program, including soft tissue injuries, chronic lower limb injuries, or sports related injuries.

Some of the most common injuries our podiatrists put custom rehab plans together for include:

  • Achilles tendinosis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Stress fractures
  • Muscle tendinopathies
  • Post-surgery recovery
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee pain
  • Hip pain
  • Bursitis
  • Synovitis
  • Tib post dysfunction
  • Ankle equinus
  • Retrocalcaneal bursitis
  • Shin splints/MTSS
  • Ankle instability and weakness

Why choose Hurst Podiatry for custom rehabilitation programs?

At Hurst Podiatry we pride ourselves in our knowledge and expertise in the field of podiatry, including our ability to provide an accurate diagnosis and highly customised rehabilitation programs to our patients requiring them.

We believe in understanding your unique situation and finding the best treatment option for you, and our aim is to work with you to manage your condition, recover fully, and avoid it occurring again.

We approach your foot and lower leg health holistically and like to ensure that we’re providing you with the best and most effective care to suit you and your condition.

We’re also here to answer any questions you have about your recovery process because we know that injury recovery can be difficult and at times, frustrating.

If you need help with your feet in the East Melbourne suburbs, schedule an appointment at Hurst Podiatry today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will a rehabilitation treatment program last?

    The length of time you will need to use your rehabilitation program for will vary significantly, depending on the nature and severity of your injury.

    Sometimes, a single group of exercises will be prescribed for you to do for a few weeks. Sometimes like in the case of a nasty ankle sprain we build you several programs suited to the stage of recovery and progress you through each step.

    Programs like this can take several weeks or months to move through.

  • How does Hurst podiatry do their custom rehab programs?

    At Hurst Podiatry we use a database program called Phystitrack and this database has over 10,000 exercises. So, we use a combination of these exercises and some of our own to create a program that will work for you.

    Before we create a customised program for you, we will have a standard consultation, where we can assess the injury and find the right treatment options, exercises and movements for you. After seeing you we will put together a program from the huge database of exercises that suits exactly where you are up to your recovery process.

    We then get you in for an appointment specifically to issue your program, we set aside a whole appointment to walk you through each exercise and make sure you know what you are doing. Even better, we will help you download a free app onto a smart phone or tablet. Through this app you will get video instructions on how to perform each exercise, the ability to set a reminder to do them and you can log your progress. For the less tech savvy amongst us, we can give you a print out of the program complete with written instructions and pictures.

    These programs create a wonderful unique program for you that gets you back moving towards doing the things you love!

  • Do I need a referral to come to Hurst Podiatry?

    No, a referral is not required to book in to see us here at Hurst Podiatry.

    We’re available to patients of all ages, whether you’ve experienced an injury, you need help taking care of your feet, or you’re experiencing discomfort in your lower limbs, because everyone is welcome here at Hurst Podiatry.

    We have 5 clinic locations in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including in Healesville, Croydon, Kilsyth, and Mooroolbark.

    Book today by calling us on (03) 5901 2216 or booking online here.