Nail Conditions

Toenails go back to when our ancestors were climbing trees, and though they have a long history, their main job these days is to protect the end of our toes.

And most of the time they do a fine job at this.

Unfortunately, though, things can occasionally go awry, and they can cause some very painful issues.

At Hurst Podiatry, we’re here to help treat conditions that may be affecting your toenails today. Our expert nail podiatry services are available in Melbourne’s East today.

Causes of Nail Conditions

Issues affecting your toenails can have many causes. These can include incidents of trauma, mismanagement in cutting them, infection, and occasionally genetic conditions.

Nail conditions like nail fungus(onychomycosis) and ingrown toenails are amongst the most common reasons we have patient visit us at Hurst Podiatry and we can offer a number of solutions to a large number of these problems.

Common Conditions That Can Affect Your Nails

Some of the common toenail conditions we treat are:

These are just some of the conditions that can affect your toenails.

How We Can Help You at Hurst Podiatry

Here at Hurst Podiatry, we’re experienced in the assessment, diagnosing and treatment of many conditions that can affect the feet and lower legs, including those that affect your toenails.

When we treat any condition affecting your feet, including nail conditions, our aim is to find the reason behind the problem. That way we not only treat the current problem efficiently, but we can also help to avoid future nail conditions from occurring too.

If you are experiencing pain or discomfort in the nails on your feet in Melbourne’s Northeast, book in to see us here at Hurst Podiatry. Call 03 5901 2216 or book online here.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nail Conditions

  • I have an ingrown toenail will I need surgery?

    In most cases no. Podiatrists are specialists in performing a procedure called a partial nail avulsion. This condition is performed to remove permanently a sliver of the side of a toenail to fix an ingrown toenail for good. This is a wonderful option that is carried out under a local anaesthetic, and you can walk in and out on the day and normally make a full recovery within a few weeks.

    That said often this surgery can often be avoided and podiatrists can help resolve an ingrown toenail through a combination of education on nail care and carefully cutting a small piece of the nail and allowing the nail to grow out normally. We can help you work out which option is best for you.

  • How does a podiatrist treat an infected toe?

    This will depend on what the cause of the infection is, in most cases an infected toe is caused by an ingrown toenail. In this case our podiatrists will discuss your treatment options and guide you to the best option. These options can include use of topical and oral antibiotics, conservative removal of the offending piece of nail with or without local or in more severe and chronic cases a partial nail avulsion.

  • How do I know if I have a fungal infection and what can I do?

    It can be hard to know whether a nail has a fungal infection or not thickness, nail integrity and colour of the nail all offer clues as to whether an infection is present. Our team of podiatrists can help you work this out though be drawing on their experience and if possible, help organise a sample to be taken for lab testing to confirm the presence of fungus.

    If our team believes you do have a fungus, they can help you set about getting it improve by suggesting topical treatments and providing ongoing conservative treatment to thin the nail to help the ointment penetrate the nail, help organise oral medication or using our K Laser to address the fungus.

  • Will my fungal nail infection spread and cause other problems?

    A nail fungus can spread to other healthy nails and can also cause tinea on the skin of the feet and immediate area. It very rarely causes actual pain though as is normally limited to a cosmetic concern.

  • Do I need a referral to come to Hurst Podiatry?

    No, a referral is not required to book in to see us here at Hurst Podiatry.

    We’re available to patients of all ages, whether you’ve experienced an injury, you need help taking care of your feet, or you’re experiencing discomfort in your lower limbs, because everyone is welcome here at Hurst Podiatry.

    We have 5 clinic locations in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, including in Healesville, Croydon, Kilsyth, and Mooroolbark.

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