What conditions can orthotics help with?

Orthotics are not necessarily required for all the lower limb conditions listed below as there are often other solutions the are better or more cost effective but among the conditions that we can treat using orthotics are:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Achilles tendonopathy
  • Most lower limb muscle tendonopathies
  • Bunions (preventively and for pain management)
  • Ankle stability and pain
  • Knee, lower back and hip alignment
  • Shin Splints
  • Stress fractures
  • bursitis

How much do orthotics cost?

At Hurst Podiatry we use a variety of different orthotics to meet different peoples needs and requirements. We will help you decide which is the best option for you. Generally speaking though we generally use three types of orthotics:

  • Pre-fabricated orthotics these cost between $70-120 dollars depending not including appointments required. These come in small, medium, large etc type options and are a generic shape and fit
  • CFA orthotics(semi custom) these devices are made custom to the length and width of a patient foot 2 dimensionally but the arch height is a standard size proportionate to their length and width. These types of devices cost $395 including the orthotics and the  3 consults initial, issuing the devices and reviewing the orthotics.
  • Fully custom orthotics, these are made by taking a plaster impression of the foot and are then sent to a laboratory to be made as fully custom one of devices. They allow an exact 3 dimensional fit and the podiatrist to choose any features they require. Such devices cost $650 including the orthotics and the 3 consults initial, issuing the devices and reviewing the orthotics.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do orthotics last?

    Most semi-custom and custom foot orthotics last between 3-5 years, so they represent terrific long-term value.

    The top cover of the device may wear out in the meantime, but this can be replaced easily without needing new devices for around $100

  • What shoes will orthotics fit into?

    Orthotics fit into most closed in shoes and even some sandals now.

    Shoes that have removable inserts inside them are particularly good for accommodating orthotics.

    We can guide you on the best footwear to compliment your orthotics though.

  • How long will I need to wear orthotics for?

    This can vary, some people need orthotics for a short to medium term to get over a specific injury or weakness and can then progress past needing them.

    For others orthotics are a bit like glasses when you have them on everything works fine and once they’re off you’re in a bit of trouble again. We will guide you as to whether or not you need them long term.