Bow Legs & Knock Knees

Bow Legs

It is normal for infants to be born with bow legs. Bow legs may become more obvious in toddlers as they begin to walk. When a child with bow legs stands with their feet and ankles together, the knees stay apart .In most children bow legs disappear without treatment by the time they are two or three years old. This is often followed by a period of time with knock knees.

Knock Knees

Knock knees are common in children between the ages of three and five. When a child with knock knees stands with their knees together, the feet and ankles stay apart. In most children the legs gradually straighten with growth and are usually in a normal position by the time they are eight years old.

Not all children require treatment

Treatment for Knocked Knees and bow legs can include exercise and strengthening of weak muscles, orthotics, braces and footwear changes and could in extreme cases require. Ultimately though most cases will largely resolve themselves.