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Why does general foot care matter?

Taking care of your feet when you’re young and/or able might make it hard to see why you might need to see a podiatrist for general foot care matters like cutting nails. Well, as we get older, it doesn’t get any easier to reach down to our feet and make sure that we do a good job of taking care of our feet.

Poor eyesight, lack of strength in your hands, the inability to bend an arthritic knee, hip or back, or even something as simple as thickening of the nails, can make looking after your feet a lot more difficult.

Taking care of your foot health is important because the consequences of not doing it or doing it poorly can have severe consequences. For example, a poor nail cutting technique can lead to ingrown toenails and infections; corns and callouses that are left untreated can lead to ulcers, infections, and in extreme cases, gangrene and amputations. Elderly people and those who suffer from conditions like diabetes are especially at risk of having issues caused by a lack of foot care.

Luckily, a podiatrist can step in and help take care of your feet today.

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