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Why can’t I just get a pedicure?

You can just have a pedicure but the approach between the two professions is quite different.

Pedicurists typically focus on cosmetic result and can overlook some key medical concerns, whereas podiatrists have a more medical focus, your foot and nail health are the main priority of the appointment.

Some of the key differences between how each profession approach caring for feet include:

  • A pedicurist doesn’t have medical training, whereas a podiatrist studies for a university degree for four years.
  • Feet are washed in in a basin that is used by others, while at a podiatry clinic we use hospital grade disinfectant to prepare your feet
  • Gloves are not always worn by the person performing the pedicure, while a podiatrist will use medical grade gloves and PPE.
  • Instruments and tools used in a pedicure salon are reused and not necessarily sterilised between uses, whereas at a podiatry clinic, all equipment gets an ultrasonic cleaning and autoclave sterilisation.
  • Hygiene and infection control are not governed by a medical body for pedicurists, whereas a podiatrist must maintain standards that are in line with the AHPRA medical governing body.
  • Pedicurists are not often trained on the safest techniques to remove dry skin, while a podiatrist is trained to use scalpels and medical equipment for precise skin removal.
  • Pedicurists will cut nails to suit the clients preferences which usual have an aesthetic basis, whereas a podiatrist will employ the correct nail cutting approach to ensure your toenail health is maintained.
  • Cuticles are often removed or cut back during a pedicure which can increase risk of infection. A podiatrist will manage your cuticles conservatively to ensure your risk of infection is significantly reduced.
  • Pedicurists are not trained to have medical awareness of foot health, so they could do work on your feet that may result in complications. A podiatrist is trained to know what to look for when it comes to keeping your feet healthy.
  • Contact surfaces are rarely cleaned to a high standard between pedicures. At our clinic we will disinfect all contact surface areas between patients to avoid the risk of infection.

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