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How does Hurst podiatry do their custom rehab programs?

At Hurst Podiatry we use a database program called Phystitrack and this database has over 10,000 exercises. So, we use a combination of these exercises and some of our own to create a program that will work for you.

Before we create a customised program for you, we will have a standard consultation, where we can assess the injury and find the right treatment options, exercises and movements for you. After seeing you we will put together a program from the huge database of exercises that suits exactly where you are up to your recovery process.

We then get you in for an appointment specifically to issue your program, we set aside a whole appointment to walk you through each exercise and make sure you know what you are doing. Even better, we will help you download a free app onto a smart phone or tablet. Through this app you will get video instructions on how to perform each exercise, the ability to set a reminder to do them and you can log your progress. For the less tech savvy amongst us, we can give you a print out of the program complete with written instructions and pictures.

These programs create a wonderful unique program for you that gets you back moving towards doing the things you love!

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