Children's Flat Feet

Flat Feet are very common in children aged under 3 when their arch profile is not yet fully formed and the “chubby” appearance of the feet masks the true bony alignment. In most children, the appearance is symmetrical bilateral(same on both sides). If one foot looks worse than the other this is not typical and should be assessed by a qualified podiatrist. Similarly pain and dysfunction (such as abnormal walking) or severe flat feet should all be checked by a podiatrist.

Should I have my child assessed?

A Podiatrist can help determine the cause. There are potentially a number of causes for flat feet, all of which can be determined by your podiatrist following a thorough assessment. Whilst many children with flat feet may be completely painless and require no treatment. It is helpful though to understand the inherit risks to the child’s feet as they grow.

Not all children will require treatment

Understanding the cause children’s flat feet will provide you with a pathway for treatment if it’s needed. Treatment options vary greatly depending on the cause of the child’s flat feet. Treatment options vary from exercise and strengthening to shoe selection, in shoe modification and orthotics. You do not need to make the assumption that all children with flat feet will require orthotics.