Intoeing (pigeon toeing) is commonly seen in children between age 2 and a half and nine years old and is more common in girls. Intoeing may be unilateral (onesided) or bilateral (effecting both sides). Most commonly intoeing is due to femoral anteversion (internal rotation of the hips). Another potential cause is tibial torsion (rotation of the lower leg) or metatarsus adductus (position of the foot bones. It canalso be a result of tight muscles rotating the leg internally. All four causes can give rise to intoeing so assessment to distinguish the cause is important.

Not all children require treatment

Depending on the cause and severity of the child’s intoeing they may or may not require treatment. The cause of the child’s intoeing will term the best treatment pathway. Some causes of intoeing require splinting and orthotics while others simply require exercises and stretching.