Knee & Ankle Pain/Strains  //

One of the most underestimated and overlooked causes of chronic knee and ankle pain is poor foot alignment. When we walk the position of our foot plays a huge role in the positioning of both the knee and ankle. If the foot is not striking and operating in the correct position it is highly likely this can contribute at some stage in a lifetime to knee and or ankle pain. At Hurst Podiatry we can assess your gait and lower limbs to determine whether or not you are suffering from poor lower limb alignment and assist you with rectifying this

Ankle Sprains

At Hurst Podiatry we offer and excellent stage by stage recovery program for acute ankle sprains. This can be tailored to suit the individuals level or injury, level of activity and can be sport and age specific. We will build a program that include custom exercise prescription, return to sport/activity programs and address any remaining risk factors like foot type walking running/technique issues and footwear concerns. 

Specialising in children's podiatry and sports injuries