Flat Feet  //

Flat feet can be a contributing factor in the development of many foot conditions. A foot that "collapses" or "over pronates" can place stress on several parts of the body and lead to injuries in these areas. Pronation is the word used to describe the movement of the foot when it rolls in. If this movement is too great it begins to overwork several muscles and ligaments. Pronation has been linked to injuries such as shin splints, heel pain, arch pain, ankle pain, knee pain and Achilles soreness.

If you think your feet are flat or “over pronating” it is important to have them assessed. They may require little to no treatment but with such a strong link between poor foot function and lower limb injury it is important to try and get ahead of any potential injuries.

If you do require therapy for flat feet options will include gait alteration, exercise programs footwear suggestions and potentially supportive orthotics.

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