Corns & Calluses //

What are they?

Callus is a thickened build up of dry skin. It is normally the body’s response to excessive pressure or friction.  In the feet these pressures are usually from walking or contact with ill fitting shoes. Callus can be an indicator of poor function and overload of a specific part of the foot. Corns are effectively more localised callus patches. When the pressure is greater or placed more specifically on one area a corn can be formed and can become painful. They normally have a inverted cone of hard skin that is “buried”  into the skin this cone can become painful and is often described as feeling like walking on a stone.

How are they treated?

We can debride (cut away) both corns and calluses carefully with a scalpel. This is a painless procedure and you will normally be able to walk painlessly out of the clinic after the appointment. Once the problem is relieved we can also begin to address the causes that created the corns and callus in the first place to try and stop them returning.

Corns and Calluses

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